Walkthrough of devious 2 (spoilers)

Map review of Devious 2

by Teh_Bucket | September 8, 2017 | 3187 characters

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This map is excellent if you like solving puzzles with brute-force, (pushing e on every damn thing). If you don't, or get frustrated easily, it is still fun to explore, then use the walkthrough for what you haven't found yet. For several puzzle pieces we ended up using tricks like using sprays to find breakable walls (safe room), or even peeking through walls from the roof of the building / third person camera.

1. Library: 2 bookshelves have to be pressed (e) at once. The far left corner (explodes), and middle-close-right bookshelf (seemingly does nothing)

2. Cafeteria: Unlock the cafeteria by opening a certain part of the floor with E on the second floor safe-room and falling into a vent. Once inside the cafeteria, shoot the middle-right knob on the stove.

3. Maze: There is a hidden wall you can crouch-walk through somewhere in the maze.

4. Vents: Second floor, there is a plant you can press (e) on and an entrance to the vents will open in the dark corner of the second floor hallway. You'll get a key to the first floor locked room. You get dynamite from that room, go upstairs and place it on the wall where it shows.

5. Blue Room: Second floor, first enterable room you see. On the right there is a short bookshelf, press (e) to open the wall above it. Crawl through and get to the puzzle piece.

6. Wall Safe: Second floor, in the far office room. There is a wall (left side of forward wall) that is crowbar-breakable. You'll see a metal safe blocking your way after breaking it. There are several buttons hidden throughout the map, some you have to shoot, some you press (e), when you press them they stay pressed. One is under a couch, one is in a cabinet (see office that leads to blue room), one is in the basement (requires 2 people), one is in the basement behind a locked red door (press (e) under the desk in the lobby to unlock it) and requires 3 people.

7. Bins: First floor hallway, there are 2 garbage bins. Press (e) on both at once. Floor slate will temporarily open on first floor hallway near the stairwell.

GRENADES: To unlock grenades, shoot/crowbar a keyboard in the conference room (second floor).

8. Basement box: (REQUIRES GRENADES) press buttons, break boxes, throw a grenade at the explosives box in the basement. Put the question mark box that's in the basement into the question mark opening. The puzzle piece will now be unlocked on the third floor

9. First Floor Box: (REQUIRES GRENADES) in the conference room, break the vent on the wall and throw a grenade into it. Push the question mark box downstairs and into the cabinet room (next to library). The wall next to the door can be walked-through. (e) on the cabinets to move them and push the box inside. There is a button in the cabinets in the bottom right you shoot to reveal a puzzle piece in the same room.


  • Lasts a long time
  • Nonlinear exploration with friends


  • Requires brute-force rather than logic in many segments
Score: 9 / 10

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