Map Review of zapper

Map review of Zapper

by dunkelschwamm | February 11, 2023 | 1544 characters

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Zapper is map for Sven Co-op which shows off the applications of a scientific zapping machine. To that end, a zapping machine sits in the middle of a room between 3 scientist spawning corridors. Each is drawn to the laser like a moth to a flame. With an "argh!" they fall prone, luring the next scientist in to resurrect. For a scientist zapper, it gets jammed with scientists a lot. Alas, I feel this was probably far more functional before the scientists were updated to resurrect one another.

The map also looks pretty nice, with the zapping machine itself being very well brushed and with a fun design.

Overall, as far as an experimental map it seems to be self-evident whether it is worthwhile. In any other context, it's really just a funny little oddity. Watching the machine get jammed with too many corpses, only for the scientists to begin endlessly resuscitating the corpses on the furthest edges of the zap beam, is funny for a few seconds and then you can move on.


  • The machine does indeed zap scientists
  • It's a pretty nice looking map
  • Pretty fun watching the scientists interact with this nonsense absurd situation


  • It's one idea, played one way, that is entertaining for one minute
  • There is nothing else to the map
Score: 5 / 10
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