Map Review of zapper

Map review of Zapper

by GrandmasterJ | February 11, 2023 | 1441 characters

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This map is very simple. There is one room with a big laser device in the middle of it. There is a console attached to it but it does nothing, ignore the console, do not bother with the console. Scientists spawn in from three short hallways and they sprint directly into the laser beam in the center of the machine. That is the entire map.

The map looks pretty good, a lot of detail went into the laser. Arcs of electricity power it from the sides, big dual pronged machines along the walls. Scientists will try to revive friendly NPCs and players, so some scientists would revive a buddy inside the laser, who would then immediately die again. I did this too with my medkit, watching a scientist blink into life before going right back to death.

The map was fun, not worth staying for a longer than a couple of minutes, but it's a fun and cute concept.


  • Good looking map
  • fun and cute idea
  • I love the interaction of instant death laser with NPCs programmed to revive each other


  • extremely little for players to actually do, the laser console does nothing
  • the whole thing gets old really fast, less than ten minutes of novelty really
Score: 5 / 10
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