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Map review of Survivor

by Eisen | July 26, 2018 | 980 characters

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The screenshots do not do this map series justice, as you could assume some fun can be found within. The rooms are empty and large, with poorly constructed hallways, both laden with traps. Aliens spawn at rather unfair sections with scarce ammo. Objectives are unclear with many red herrings to distract from where to actually go. Probably the worst part is that several obstacles can be skipped with basic gauss jumps (talking the height of a standing player) or platforming skills, making these short maps even shorter. As icing on this shit cake, it has mandatory two player co-op, and you can fail the objective.

Review by Eisen


  • Short


  • Easily skippable sections
  • Unavoidable traps
  • Scarce ammo/armor
  • Difficult enemy placement
  • Unclear map flow
  • Failable
Score: 0 / 10

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