Map Review of crablegs

Map review of Crablegs

by GrandmasterJ | March 11, 2023 | 1549 characters

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This map consists of two rooms, each with the shallowest puddle in the middle in which headcrabs pour into endlessly via a hole high up in the wall. There is another platform up around where the headcrabs appear, it even connects the rooms which are otherwise cut off from each other. There is no way up there unless players want to create a tower.

Players start with crowbar, medkit, and revolver. Then they get buried in headcrabs. If I've learned anything from this map it is that headcrabs can be real dangerous if you need to fight 50 of them at once.

Also, we don't have flashlights. The map is very dark and we are trying to nail these headcrabs with revolvers, flashlights would be immensely helpful.

Maybe if this map had a huge arsenal and some way to navigate it then I would like it more. Instead it's a half-assed horde map that isn't fun to play. It's hard to see, it's hard to fight the headcrabs, it's hard to navigate the arena, and it's just no fun at all. The map description says it's an abandoned project focused on team play. Well none of that comes through, it's just a box full of headcrabs.



  • no flashlight
  • players are cut off from exploring the whole map
  • terrible weapon selection
  • it's an abandoned concept
Score: 0.5 / 10
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