Map Review of splatter

Map review of Splatter

by GrandmasterJ | March 11, 2023 | 2100 characters

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Spawn in a safe room filled with weapons and take a peek through some holes in the floor to a pit filled with monsters. Drop a satchel charge in, launch a rocket, perhaps lob an underbarrel grenade. The monsters respawn near instantly.

That's about it for interactivity. There are some interesting things to look at, some checkerboard missing textures, a stack of unbreakable boxes, and a weird booth behind some chain link with a bunch of satchel charges in front of it. The map description says that's an admin room, and it certainly had a bunch of buttons that did some stuff. But there is no discernable way in or out, I had to noclip to get in. Among other things the buttons would open and close the hatches, turn off the lights, and spawn an explosion on the satchels.

There was one sort of secret area above the monster pit. Between the two holes to the pit there is a glass tube going up, we had to open the door (my teammate did it, I don't know how) and then gauss jump straight up. Here we find a ton of satchel charges and a passage to behind a vending machine. The vending machine does not move, so this is a dead end and there isn't really a reason to be here.

The map is pretty light on stuff to see or do, but it's a real good map for mindlessly killing monsters. There are plenty of explosives and plenty of monsters that have little change of hurting players unless they fall into the pit. Don't fall into the pit. The admin room is useless without cheating and the visuals are basic with missing textures.


  • Lots of weapons
  • the monster pit concept is executed decently enough
  • I like the buttons to control the hatches
  • I liked the secret area, even if it was a let down


  • The admin room can only be entered by cheating
  • the secret area is a huge let down
  • missing textures
Score: 5.5 / 10
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