Map Review of splatter

Map review of Splatter

by dunkelschwamm | March 11, 2023 | 2107 characters

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Splatter is a gimmick map for Sven Co-op. Some hatches in the floor allow easy access for players to drop explosives and other armaments down upon infinitely respawning aliens. That'll teach them to be aliens!

Players are supplied with rockets, satchel charges, grenades, a gauss rifle (necessary for catapulting one's self up into an upper area), under barrel grenades, and some other weapons. What matters is the explosives you can drop on the enemies. This is surprisingly fun, and the small area through which you can shoot at the enemies can make for some fun games of trying to get your explosive in the hole from afar, or while moving. Overall, a chill fun time.

The main chamber is lain out haphazardly and it's quite ugly. There were missing textures which looked bad. Bizarre lighting, it's what you expect out of a robootto map. Thankfully, most of the map's charm is in splattering aliens and not in its visual appeal.

I mentioned earlier that players can gauss jump into a higher area, but that area only has more satchels and isn't very interesting. There's also an admin chamber full of switches you can noclip into, but that too is a bit boring and offers little options beyond toggling lights, opening and closing hatches, and setting off an explosive in an obvious trap area of the main play area. It's not terribly mindblowing.

Overall, I think this map can probably give you a dozen minutes of fun if you're creative and make a lot of that fun for yourself. But really, that's not all that bad.


  • Neat gauss jumping puzzle
  • Great fun exploding a chamber full of aliens
  • Lots of weapons to choose from


  • No ending
  • The admin box feels kinda pointless and lame
  • The map is very ugly
  • Most of the enemies in the splatter pit are not fun to directly engage with in that setting
Score: 4.9 / 10
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