Map Review of cs-blitzwar

Map review of Blitzwar

by GrandmasterJ | March 11, 2023 | 3760 characters

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Lots of maps get converted to work in Sven Co-op, this one is a counter-strike map converted to work with round based gameplay. The map description stops there and was so vague we didn't really know what we were getting into.

The map works by spawning a handful of enemies and telling players to clean them out in 90 seconds or less. The map uses a more realistic weapon damage model where bullets hurt! It is very easy to get sniped from across the map and enemies will appear in unexpected places. Losing a round does not end the map, the wins and losses are tallied up at the end and we get a different message for each ratio. A lot of weapons are here reskinned and modified a bit to look and act like famous Counter-Strike weapons including the Famas, AK-47, Mac-10, the grenades along with the "fire in the hole" sound effect, etc. We get granted a new weapon each round.

It's somewhat unclear how the map actually works. At first I thought winning a round would grant us better weapons and losing would grant us worse weapons. But after playing through quite a few times and experimenting I think which weapon we get might be random. We did best with the sniper rifle, precision shots at long range was our best option to deal with the extremely dangerous enemies. We also had a different spawn at one point, across the map, so the spawn is probably randomized too. Another thing is that it seemed like when we were losing we had less enemies to deal with. We did have a great run with 4 wins and 1 loss and at the end there we were fighting a lot of enemies. But when we were losing it felt like that last round still only had a handful of enemies to go through.

There are some boss monsters, named as some sort of cheater. There was the stealth cheater that was a male assassin with slappers only, but spraying blindly with an smg is enough to kill him. The high health cheater is similarly easy to kill but the high armor one is incredibly hard. There was another that very fast but he died fast too, I think there might have been one more but I don't remember.

The map itself is built real well. There is a lot of detail here with fully brushed out windows with wooden frames, fences, and there is a really cool APC sitting around. The layout is a bit linear, with the geography forcing a wide S-shaped path from one end to the next, but with areas to peek out and take potshots across the map. I am a big fan of Counter-Strike maps getting ported to Sven Co-op. It's also worth noting that there are some custom models used to turn bodyguards into Agent Smith from the Matrix. It's fun.

I don't really know exactly how things work in this map, but I had a blast. The random nature of things keeps each playthrough different. Although I do think the sniper rifle is by far the best gun in this map and we had a substantially easier time when it entered our arsenal early in the map. The combat is very tough but there are usually only a handful of enemies around unless you do really well and get to the last round after winning a bunch. The map is fairly hard, but fun and rewarding to play.


  • I really like how the gameplay is set up, great execution of the concept
  • custom weapon models and all the guns act just like they do in Counter-Strike
  • good map layout and fun map detail.
  • clearly announced round start, end, score, and overall goal


  • the weapon selection might be random and the sniper rifle is by far the best weapon
Score: 9 / 10
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