Map Review of frogger

Map review of Frogger

by GrandmasterJ | March 18, 2023 | 2861 characters

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I felt a bit of deja vu when I saw this map, I had previously seen it in another map by the same author, retrohunt. That map was duck hunt fused with frogger, but this map is all frogger.

Players have to traverse a very busy and deadly street and then jump across logs in a poison river and jump into alcoves to press buttons. Pressing all four buttons ends the round and there are three rounds. Turrets and weapons start appearing in round 2 and the map gets quite difficult. I had racked up about 60 deaths myself from just running into traffic and hails of gunfire. The map uses a clever mechanic where turrets will shoot at bees from the hivehand, thus distracting them.

On the final round when we only had two buttons left to press my teammate discovered a grate in the poison water. We launched rockets and explosive crossbow bolts at it blindly from above water but it didn't break. I turned on godmode and went through it, I have no clue how anybody is supposed to survive this trip without cheats, and ended up where the anime girls are. Oh, did I forget to mention the anime girls? Above the buttons are some windows and there are four hot anime chicks in some windows. There's not much to do here, the walls are all solid black so its hard to get around, plus I can't use my spray on the anime ladies so what is even the point.

As we were casually cheating my teammate noticed that a soda machine at spawn had something behind it. I had tried to destroy it with my crowbar but apparently it needs explosives. This secret was not worth it, its got the same anime girls and strobing lights that hurt my eyes.

After pressing the last buttons the map declared it would be over in three minutes. Three minutes later the map ended.

This is one of those maps meant to kill a lot of players. With two people it felt sort of grindy but I can imagine a crowd having a lot of fun here. The poison water secret seems impossible to me without cheats, but the soda machine just needs to be blown up and unfortunately leads to somewhere that sucks. I had a lot of fun here and when the map ended I was ready for it to end.


  • great execution of the frogger concept
  • map had pretty good weapons for what we needed to do
  • I'm really thankful that these anime girls aren't as gross as they could have been
  • The map was short and succinct, it lasted for as long as it needed to


  • Is that vent secret supposed to be impossible to access?
  • can't use spray on the ladies
  • the soda machine secret is a huge eyesore and it seems to be the only accessible secret
Score: 7 / 10
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