Map Review of godzilla

Map review of Godzilla

by dunkelschwamm | March 18, 2023 | 2740 characters

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Very simple setup here: Godzilla is a set of 4 toy maps wherein you can destroy a tiny city. These are tiny cities as conceived of by children- just stretches of grass with giant blocks of grid pattern. But, each of those blocks can be destroyed with enough whacks of a crowbar!

The first map is as simple as can be: destroy all of the buildings. There are some other destructibles like trees and roads, but you just destroy everything. There is nothing else. Not even a map end.

The second verse is very much same as the first: second map is the same thing, but players can also fight a vortigaunt. Nothing terribly eventful happens.

The third map adds a gargantua to the mix, and a beach with some ships which carry explosives. Running to the opposite end of the gorge with the gargantua in it yields a rocket launcher which is a small favor in dealing with the beast. After enough hits he goes down, but there is no reward.

The fourth map is a lot of fun. There is a bay city which players approach after spawning in an ocean volcano, then up the hill there is a second city. Up in a tunnel there is a third city with a secret reservoir with two ichthyosaurs respawning in it. Throughout the map players can acquire explosives, a shotgun, and an mp5. The broader arsenal really helps make the destruction come alive a bit more. This one also adds piles of rubble under where each building is destroyed.

Overall, it's a very mediocre mapset visually and really serves as a proof-of-concept more than anything. I think a lot more can be done with the idea, and the fourth godzilla is the only one to start to realize that potential. Nonetheless, they're all basically test maps, like something you'd make on a whim in hammer and test it once for fun. I can't really recommend them for much of anything, and they don't have ends or win conditions or whatever anyway.


  • The tiny cities are adorable
  • The fourth one expands in some inspiring ways, giving an idea of what the idea could be, like the volcano and multiple cities
  • Using weapons to destroy the buildings in the fourth map is very fun


  • Barely finished maps that you can just wander out into the n00b-box
  • Bland, nothing combat wherever it shows up
  • Just whacking the buildings with a crowbar feels a bit like a chore
  • Ugly, nothing visuals that just barely convey cities
  • No end conditions, progress. Just a map that is slowly consumed until you are left with the core
Score: 3.6 / 10
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