Map Review of godzilla

Map review of Godzilla

by GrandmasterJ | March 18, 2023 | 2870 characters

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Godzilla is a collection of four maps, each on an escalation of players destroying a city.

The first map is a small city. The map may be small and there may not be a lot of buildings, but there are some very big buildings that take a lot of hits to destroy. Also the map uses stock textures and the skyscrapers use that concrete ceiling with the squares that kinda look like windows. After destroying all the buildings the map does not end and I have to manually switch to the next one.

The next map is like three times as big, players have to crawl through a tiny cave (or platform up some skyscrapers) to access more stuff to destroy. There is an alien slave here now and we find a shotgun. The buildings also get more diverse, but they still use stock textures.

The third map is the second map but most of the buildings are already destroyed, there are ships in the harbor with grenades, rockets, and satchel charges, and there is a gargantua. Behind the garg is the rocket launcher.

The fourth map is probably the best, it features a new area that is accessed by an invisible ladder up to a visible tunnel. Players start in a cute little volcano in the harbor and get to assault the city from the sea. It has plenty of buildings and trees and all sorts of stuff to destroy even if it all uses standard textures. The alien slave is here but the garg is gone, the new area has two respawning ichthyosaurs next to some ammo.

At one point my teammate fell out of the map. I tried doing it myself and it is surprisingly easy. Apparently skybox is read as water in older compilers so when maps like this allows players to touch the skybox wonky things happen. I can confirm that there are noob boxes around these maps and I did fall out of the first map and got to walk around underneath everything and see some shoddy work behind the scenes.

All in all it was a great experience. I loved the concept and crushing a small city beneath my crowbar. The later maps were the best, we had satchel charges and mp5s and were blowing through buildings and lone vortigaunt alike. This map was made back in 2002 and could use a little sprucing up, but I had a blast, it was a great execution on a fun concept.


  • The small city looked good, even if it was textured with standard Half-Life stuff
  • the fourth map was really charming, I loved the little volcano spawn point
  • satchel charges was a good weapon choice


  • the maps didn't end or lead into each other
  • the use of standard Half-Life textures was a total letdown
  • players can fall out of the level very easily
Score: 7 / 10
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