Map Review of shopping-centre

by GrandmasterJ | April 1, 2023 | 2808 characters

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This is a map of a shopping center with the shops being contributed by three different mappers, RNG, Robootto, and Poka. Robootto is known for a very avant garde style bordering on nonsense. RNG is known for making very detailed grit. I don't know Poka very well.

Players are dumped in the main hallway, which is pretty blocky and plain. We have thick windows and big signs allowing us to see the stores that line the way, we have quite a selection, two of which I've seen before. There is a sushi bar I've seen in Indojapan that was made by Robootto and Poka, and a regular bar that shares some elements with the metal bar map made by Robootto and RNG. The map is all exploration based, there is nothing much to do, only see, although the door to the cheap prizes store is locked and players have to explore to the other side.

There is also a second story, not accessible via elevator because it doesn't work, we have to go up a ladder that goes to another area. In order to access the second story we have to jump either down to the second floor balcony or onto some crossbeams and down to the same balcony. There is nothing much to see here, some windows into a storage room.

Speaking of the storage room, it had two sliding doors that slide the opposite way they should, past each other. This creates a bit of a scissoring effect and makes it incredibly difficult to actually enter the room. It can be done, but is annoying at first. After you master this door it can then be ridden for some shaky back and forth action.

The different styles really give the map an interesting feeling. The blocky simple hallway contrasted with some well made bars in two different styles and the avant garde prize store. There is also a somewhat grimy boat area with some boats floating in a pool of water and another empty pool with a boat-shaped building in the middle of it. It looks kind of like a boat in a dry dock but functionally is a tower with a moat. Don't fall into the moat, there is no way out.

It's a very interesting map, lots of stuff to look at, and lots of different styles to keep things interesting. There was one bit of gameplay where we had to explore to open a door. I did like the weird boat tower but really, don't fall down there.


  • Looks really interesting
  • diverse styles contrasted with each other
  • honestly, I love that door to the storage room


  • broken elevator, hard to get to the second story
  • the moat will trap you
  • not really much to do besides open a single door
Score: 6 / 10
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