Map Review of breakfree

Map review of Breakfree

by GrandmasterJ | April 10, 2023 | 2850 characters

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I thought this map was going to have platforming, and I was sort of wrong. The entire map is an elevator, two players are required to start it up and when it does, it plays Sonic music. Then we have to dodge all sorts of wacky obstacles as the elevator goes up.

If you are familiar with the goldsrc engine or a variety of Sven Co-op maps, you may have realized a flaw in this design. At numerous points in the journey my teammate and I would spontaneously explode. We would always assume an obstacle came through and killed us but most of the time there was no such thing, elevators are dangerous and players have to stand on one the whole map. This would be fine but the player spawn is cut off by the elevator and dead players get to float upward looking at the alive players through the glass. With how often we both exploded I don't see how anybody can survive the entire trip.

When we get to the top the spawn opens up and dead players can launch back on the elevator, then we get some Sonic boss music, a change in lighting, and the elevator starts going down. The return trip had us exploding constantly, it got to the point I just stayed dead (we were noclipping back into the arena) and watched my teammate attempt it, but I still kept exploding! Not even dead am I safe from dying!

The map obstacles themselves ranged from spinning things to entire floors with one side open, everything was a very flat texture. The lighting did change halfway through the map, and i thought that was nice, but the lighting was still really bad. There was a part with shifting pillars and each face was lit completely differently, it looked awful. Everything was pretty basic.

The map is cute, I think it is a really good concept. I know it has two sequels that I haven't played yet so I imagine the concept and execution gets better over time. The whole thing feels like a good idea but the elevator physics just aren't there yet and never will be. It's such a shame really because everything else is done really well. I like the concept, I like the music, I like the spawn area gimmick and how it opens halfway through, I like the ending, I just don't like the elevator and how it kills everything it touches. I recommend cheating with noclip to have fun with this map.


  • fun concept executed well, except for one detail
  • fun spawn gimmick
  • the music is a nice touch
  • the ending was fun


  • the elevator is deadly and will kill players for no reason,constantly
  • the dead player area will also kill players spontaneously
  • the map looked pretty bad
Score: 5 / 10
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