Map Review of tower-6:aircraft-carrier

by Vaelastrasz | April 16, 2023 | 1304 characters

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Since Release Laryy's Tower Series, that maps also great map at that time but.. Tower 5 map is weird finish Tower series story. actually i also hope someone conversion Tower series for clean ending show up something. in this tower 6, Garompa followed previous story of Tower series and he didnt change everything from Story. people wanted to see 100% concloud ending. after years later when Tower 6 map appear, Tower series fianlly have 100% Ending. thank you for make sure story.

about Tower 6:aircraft-carrier, monsters are mostly male assassin and gameplay is little bit hard to play Solo. i had fun a lot with friends even test map. mapping quality is better than tower 5 ship mapping because player get feel real like fight in ship ! i notice Sven Co-op map style changed than last 3 ~ 4 years. this mean Sven Co-op map team did well make high quality maps every year recently ! Tower 6 is not long to take play time but has a lot of impact like as.. Boss batle(Robo)

thank you for conversion or make like this kind of quality map for us :)



Score: 10 / 10

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