Map Review of boomario-pacman

by dunkelschwamm | April 15, 2023 | 2227 characters

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Boomario Pacman is a port of a man from a mod that I guess is called Boomario. It seems like it's meant to be a troll map for players to savescum in, or in this case, meander about with respawns until players solve it.

The premise is terrible and simple: navigate a confusing maze where every wall is the same color, full of respawning enemies including grunts, while the players are equipped only with melee weapons, as an invincible Pacman gibs everything in its steady and speedy path. He turns around corners with speed you can barely keep up with. It's pretty annoying to me, though I can see why some people would find this kind of thing funny.

The goal is to find a Mario pipe in the middle of the map with a glass barrier you just need to bang on until it opens. Every now and then pacman gibs you and you need to find your way back. It's kind of like a clicker, if clickers were somehow more malicious.

The map itself is really bad looking even for a remake of pacman. Because the walls and pacman are all solid colors, it's hard to make out shapes and contours. It's like navigating a big blob maze. I did like the model replacements for the enemies, since the grunts used these white HL2 combine soldiers which I thought where clever stand-ins for the white-dots of Pacman, but then we started bumping into zombies and lost track of what is meant to be what. It technically does pacman, with a maze, and a pacman, and teleporting "loops"- though the objective is totally different.

Overall, I think this is the type of thing to play with a bunch of friends who are already having fun and in a mood where nothing will get them down. You can laugh at each other getting frivolously gibbed in an environment that vaguely expresses pacman.


  • Short and simple
  • Some fun model replacements
  • Delivers on what it sets out to do


  • The ugly side of minimalism
  • The entire idea of the level is a headache
Score: 4.7 / 10
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