Map Review of boomario-pacman

by GrandmasterJ | April 15, 2023 | 1736 characters

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Boomario is the name of a mod for Half-Life over on moddb and from the description I can guess that this is the origin of this map. Players are thrust into a Pac-Man game where zombies and human grunts, some reskinned to be Half-Life 2 Combine, litter the maze and respawn infinitely. A big yellow Pac-Mac ball roams the halls and splatters everything in it's path. I should also mention we are only equipped with a crowbar and wrench and there is only one spawn so players pile on top of each other in a deadly maze.

We spent time trying to kill the white combine soldiers, assuming they were the white dots that would allow us to kill Pac-Man or whatever. This is false, they spawn forever, we just need to break into the room in the middle of the maze. We go down a pipe and then we win!

The map was frustrating at first, the maze may be simple but it is still a maze that is easy to get lost in. The Pac-Man ball of death was terrifying as well so we were usually panic running down the halls. Once we figured out the way out the map was done, over as abruptly as it had begun. It's a cute idea but I don't think it works well in execution


  • The man was highly reminiscent of Pac-Man
  • I did like how Pac-Man pulverized enemies as well


  • running the maze is not fun and actually kind of pointless since the way out is in the middle
  • the ease of the main goal really renders the combat in this map tedious and pointless
Score: 4 / 10
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