Map Review of bypass

Map review of Bypass

by dunkelschwamm | April 15, 2023 | 1801 characters

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Bypass is a very, very short map which involves shoving players in a strangely shaped room wherein soldiers and ammo constantly appear. The room is shaped like a ring-hallway with ramps leading down to a central ring around a base pillar. The base pillar has HEV and health and around it around ammo pickups. Back up at the outer ring are weapons. It's a pain in the ass to grab any of this stuff as you spawn in the action, but after a couple false starts unloading the pistol into the nearest grunt's head you find what you're looking for.

The map looks fine in that really boring Black Mesa style. It's like playing a Wolfenstein 3d map that only uses grey bricks, or a Doom map that only uses the same TechBase walls. The brushwork itself its nice and its contours are elegant and smooth. However, overall it's a bore to look at.

That doesn't matter, though, as it's over in three minutes and forty seconds. I almost applaud the map on knowing exactly how long it can hold my attention. Grunts spawn out of mid-air in front of you, and it's of little importance, as getting them right in front of you cuts out the middle man while speeding to kills.

Overall, it's an in-between map. Throw it in a server rotation somewhere.


  • Knows exactly how long to be
  • Good arsenal once you pick some stuff up
  • HEV
  • Good curves and contours


  • Boring textures and flat lighting
  • Bad spawn area and immediate spawn danger
  • It really isn't that much of a pro that 3:45 minutes is exactly how long it should be
Score: 5 / 10
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