Map Review of toysoldiers

by vertigo | July 31, 2021 | 1057 characters

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Really fun map with a good amount of custom content. The way the mod was made was very clever, all the weapons and enemies have custom skins that are simply all green/tan to reflect that they are made out of plastic - simple yet effective. The map is linear and not too difficult for 4 players. There's a few secrets here and there to reward exploring though you can't stray from the beaten path too far. The 'rats' perspective adds another layer of fun to the proceedings as well.

If you're after a fun map that's not too long but still has some meat on it's bones I would recommend Toy Soldiers. You won't regret playing this one.


  • Custom weapons/monsters
  • 'Rats' style map
  • Well balanced
  • Some secrets to find
  • Hilarious voices


  • Not much room for exploration, lots of invisible walls
  • Could be longer
  • Ending is anti-climactic
Score: 9 / 10

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