Map Review of bridge

Map review of Bridge

by GrandmasterJ | May 18, 2023 | 3151 characters

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The goal of Bridge is to cross the bridge. A whole swarm of human grunts, a plethora of turrets both sentry and ceiling mounted, and an apache stand in our way and all but the turrets respawn endlessly. Players have a shotgun and mp5 in addition to standard crowbar, glock, and medkit. It's a simple concept that I spent about 30 seconds in before deciding it sucked and turning cheats on.

I first spawn in and I am getting shot. The map has an upper part where we cross the top of the bridge and a lower part where we can climb up some rocks to the other side. Enemies waltz right into spawn to shoot players in the face the moment they appear. The lower spawn is even worse as about three turrets have clear sightlines inside and soldiers also run right in. Getting injured in spawn the moment I appear is a big pet peeve of mine and in this map I was getting killed before I could do anything over and over again.

So I turned on godmode and went for a walk. The map isn't really big but the sheer amount of enemies will block all but a full server of dedicated players from reaching the end. Ammo was a huge problem so for most of the map I had a crowbar and godmode (I didn't use impulse 101 because my teammate was plinking away at turrets and trying to actually complete the map) and just ran around taking unholy amounts of gunfire.

There is a little ramp on the bottom of each side of the bridge that leads to the top. I can't imagine trying to climb up that while so many endlessly spawning enemies shoot at me, there is no HEV in the map so we die quick. On top of the bridge is a rocket launcher and the only obstacle to the end is a small crack players can just jump over. The bottom of the bridge sucks and the top of the bridge sucks a little less.

Most of the geometry was blocky and basic, but there were a few creative shapes in the cliffside that. Some parts looked weird and there was an 'aaatrigger' texture on a rock, that's something I haven't actually seen before.

I was reading the map description and it said that this map "nowadays would be thrown in the wastebasket" and I tried not to let that color my perception of the map. But I can say with a sound mind that this map is terrible. Enemies shoot straight into spawn, players are underequipped, there is a severe lack of ammo, there is a huge amount of gunfire but very little protection. I can see a full server of dedicated folks clearing this map without cheats, but not me, I think I agree with the map description.


  • I think it is a sound concept
  • there was a rocket launcher


  • enemies can run right into spawn
  • sentry guns have clear lines of sight into lower spawn zone
  • level geometry had some issues
  • underpowered starting weapons
  • extremely little ammo in the map
  • I try not to make suggestions to add to the map, but armor would have helped immensely
Score: 2 / 10
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