Map Review of garghunt

Map review of Garg Hunt

by GrandmasterJ | May 18, 2023 | 1404 characters

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Fresh from the year 1999 we have a very simple arena map dedicated to fighting a single garg (at a time). This was an official map from the first version of Sven Co-op. It's light on the gameplay, very unpolished, and somewhat annoying to play.

We have a few weapons scattered around the arena like a revolver, mp5, gauss gun, satchel charges, and a rocket launcher on a ledge next to a bullsquid. Rush the rocket launcher and then the garg is easy to take down, map over. But it is an arena horde map so the garg just comes back forever. The arena itself has some boxes, a little shed thing, and a platform with HEV and health chargers. These supplies are very nice.

There isn't much else to say, the combat is finding a weapon to kill the garg and then killing the garg. Later, another garg shows up and the gameplay repeats. Oh, and also watch the teleporters because you will get telefragged.


  • HEV and health chargers
  • I guess the gameplay was straightforward


  • not much to see or do, and killing the garg is trivial when we find the rocket launcher
  • telefragging, on teleporters and spawn
Score: 3 / 10
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