Map Review of bridge2k

Map review of Bridge 2k

by GrandmasterJ | May 21, 2023 | 3235 characters

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So I played Bridge which was a bridge with a bajillion respawning enemies and a paucity of ammo. The sequel/remake promised more, but did it deliver?

So my teammate spawns above, on top of the bridge, and I spawn under the bridge. This split up of spawn points really hampers any attempt we make at cooperating against the respawning grunts. While my teammate struggles with respawning human grunts and an apache up top I am throwing myself against about six turrets with respawning grunts below. It takes a while but I get the turrets down and eventually the grunts stop spawning and we are left with the apache which takes a lot of time to eventually down with just our starting weapons of mp5 and shotgun. There is also an uzi but I pretty much never used it.

Unlike the original where the map begins and ends here, on a bridge, we get to find a dingy vent that protrudes from the wall so crouch-jumping into it isn't so simple because we keep accidentally climbing on top. On the other side of the vent is a series of rooms and locked doors that get unlocked by various things, mostly pushing buttons. We find some underbarrel grenades which grants us an M16 to fire them and some HEV chargers on the walls to armor us up. These supplies help immensely but I find myself using the shotgun mostly in these tight corridors and there isn't a whole lot of shotgun shells around. There is some scattered around, but with the volume of enemies I found myself running dry constantly. I should also mention that the enemies would routinely spawn right on top of us, so we had to maintain constant vigilance and we kept going from full health and armor to near death.

Eventually we shoot a garg through a doorway it was unable to walk through which unlocks a button to end the map.

Bridge had some very simple geometry with some complex and bad looking geometry dotting the map. This map is very simple with nothing special going on visually or level design-wise.

I definitely think it is better than the original, it has an ending and the amount of enemies is cut way down so we actually have a chance of doing something. Making the enemies finite was a good move too although they still spawn in for quite some time and usually they spawn in right on top of us. The gun and supply situation is mostly the same, we're stuck with mp5 and shotgun with limited ammo and expected to break through, only this time we do eventually get M16s with grenades, both underbarrel and hand. This is a real early Sven map and it shows, it looks and plays a bit like garbage but has that early map charm to it.


  • There is actually a good amount of supplies in the map
  • The map now has an objective and an end
  • the enemies will eventually stop coming
  • I love when maps have the underbarrel grenades


  • The map design and overall look is weak
  • not enough shotgun shells
  • the garg 'bossfight' was a joke
  • enemies spawning on top of us wasn't fun
Score: 5.5 / 10
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