Map Review of broken-path

by GrandmasterJ | May 25, 2023 | 2707 characters

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Broken Path is a very straightforward and simple walkthrough map with some very bare hallways, some attempts at detail, and respawning enemies. When I first started reviewing maps I figured the majority of them would be something like this.

We start in a big room with a pipe bursting out of the ceiling. The space beyond the pipe is just a closed off void in the ceiling, as if the only thing in there was the pipe just laying there. When we move out of spawn a bunch of zombies and a gonome appear. This is the gameplay really, walking forward and getting enemies spawned right in front of us cut up by periods of trying to find which of the many doors in the level is real and actually opens.

Halfway through the map my teammate told me he was getting major backrooms vibes. Assuming this falls out of fashion in the future for whoever is reading this, thebackrooms is a mythical place with some large rooms and long hallways mostly barren except for the occasional out of place and misproportioned props scattered about. That describes how this map looks, really barren long hallways that sometimes have strange props that just look off somehow. There is a lot of detail work, but it is rough looking and very blocky. At one point we entered what appeared to be a computer room and there was a yellow brushwork cable connecting all the computers to outlets. It was so out of place and surreal looking.

There are parts in the map where players have to cross deadly electricity. I did die to these places but I don't think it was annoying, more like it satisfied the 'non-combat gameplay' checkbox for the map. When I respawned I actually appeared at a checkpoint that had a lot of ammo around., it was a very nice surprise.

The map looks rough and very boring. The details look like mockeries of what they are supposed to represent and give the map a surreal feel that I doubt was intentional. Enemies spawn right in but the only viable weapon we have is a shotgun which takes good care of most things. I was also very surprised to find an updating spawn point and enough ammo in the map to never really run out. There was a good vision here but it needs to polish the visuals and the combat.


  • plenty of ammo in the map
  • updating spawn point
  • the parts with deadly electricity succeeded in breaking up the action without being annoying


  • the map is detailed badly
  • combat is bare minimum
Score: 5.5 / 10
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