Map Review of camp

Map review of Camp

by GrandmasterJ | June 19, 2023 | 2789 characters

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Camp starts us out in a big wide open field with some massive cargo containers with a couple of overly large trucks. We're fenced in but otherwise the map is a flat plane with a skybox. The level is big enough for draw distance to be a problem. There is a helicopter and a swarm of human grunts about.

We spawn with tons of weapons, so my teammate and I were hitting the apache with explosive crossbow bolts and keeping the grunts at bay with uzis, mp5s, and shotguns. Eventually we both die and my teammate gets to spawn farther along in the level where he struggled through with more swarms of enemies until death and he respawned where we started on the flat plane.

I managed to find a rocket launcher in a tower and was able to down the helicopter despite it flying through the skybox and out of the level at one point. From here we go down a hole into tight corridors where we fight various enemies in various groupings. Most of the enemies have pretty high health, the apache had about 7000 for example, but most of the enemies had much more manageable health pools, human grunts would take two rpgs to kill instead of one.

At one point we find a teleporter, go through it, and end up where my teammate spawned that one and only time. No shortcut opens to spawn though, despite my teammate spawning here once and how easy it would be to make a teleporter at spawn lead here there is no actual, reliable shortcut to here.

Eventually we press a button, blow some stuff up, kill a voltigore that I guess stands in for a boss, and ended the map when we walked into an elevator.

The map works, I wouldn't say I had trouble beating it despite spawning in a spot that allowed me to get shot by a helicopter. The large starting loadout is really helpful in dealing with the wads of enemies we have to fight. I think the only weapon we picked up was the rocket launcher but that is right on the way to the front lines. I feel like there must have been a plan to include a shortcut with the teleporter, my teammate did spawn there once, but it doesn't work well at all and that is a shame. The map visuals are also pretty bad overall.


  • Straightforward quick mission
  • good loadout
  • enemy health was increased, but not to an insane degree and I think it works well for co-op


  • The map looked bad but the starting area in particular was bland and boring
  • It really feels like there is a broken shortcut, this map could have used a shortcut
  • I don't like spawning in the line of fire
Score: 5 / 10

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