Map Review of chill-ride

Map review of Chill Ride

by GrandmasterJ | July 1, 2023 | 2132 characters

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This is indeed a very chill map. It's a big circular track with a ton of cars that players can drive around in a big loop. The skybox is a delightful outrun style sun and there is some chill synthwave in the background. The track and car color is all brown which is a confusing contrast to the bright sky.

My teammate decided to splatter me so we drove head on and I disintegrated at the molecular level on contact. We did this a few more times with the same result before we eventually both died from the impact. I don't know how the impact on func_vehicle works so be careful of the lucky few with splatter powers.

Also at one point my teammate jumped off the track and landed in the skybox and walked around. I followed him and we ended the map here, looking up through the track and admiring the skybox.

It's a good map, great idea with a decent presentation. I wish the actual level itself and the cars were a bit more dolled up, or some colors other than flat brown at least. I also think the cars were a bit too close together, it was hard for me to drive one out of the middle of the huge lineup without getting stuck and having to back out like Austin Powers. But I did like the huge line of cars, enough for a lot of people to be on the server, I didn't and won't count but there are probably 32. Also there is a keycard for each car that will reset the cars position so they are never lost, which I've seen in another of this author's maps.


  • Very chill vibe with the skybox and background music
  • cool keycard system that will reset lost cars
  • enough func_vehicles for everybody!
  • cars drive really well and the track is plenty big


  • the track and cars are all brown
  • the cars are a bit too close in spawn and are hard to take out of the line up
  • players can just jump right out of the level and walk around outside
Score: 7.5 / 10
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