Map Review of chill-ride

Map review of Chill Ride

by dunkelschwamm | July 1, 2023 | 2269 characters

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Chill Ride is what it says on the tin: a chill track, some rides, and a track to ride them upon with great chill.

There's not much to say about this map so I'll make it brief: there's a track with very little detail on it, and cars that are very simple in shape. But those aren't what matters. No, the beauty of the map is in the chill beat, the funky skybox (which is very funky, btw), the fun way the cars just bumpercars around if they crash, and the chill shape of the track which lends to relaxed cruising.

Upon deciding we had seen most of what the map has to offer, we experimented. Jousting in the cars is a ton of fun. I'm not sure what makes one car win over the other, but if you hit a car dead-on you seem to delete the other car and instakill its occupant. It's fantastic. Riding in opposite directions along the track makes us feel like particles in a particle smasher.

Additionally, I jumped off the track. Don't do that! You just get to walk around down there until you `kill`.

I think this map works great, but I also can't help but think that it does so little with the concept other than execute it simply and well. If the author had done a bit more exploring with the ideas at play here without corrupting the experience. What's on offer is just a bit bare, is all. The cars don't need to all be the same dull grey brutalist concretemobile. The track doesn't need to all be so plain and empty. But they are, and the map is a little less interesting than it could have been for it.

Fun map! Highly recommend if you want to indulge in some mind-altering substances and chill out for a bit. Reminds me a bit of F-Zero or Mario Kart 64 or something.


  • Absolutely brings the chill vibes
  • Really sturdy, well functioning cars which are smooth rides
  • Smooth track to cruise down
  • Fun to joust if being chill isn't your vibe


  • Not much to look at beyond the skybox
  • Falling off the track is the lame zone
  • Very limited approach of the concept
Score: 8.1 / 10
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