Map Review of chopper-ride

by dunkelschwamm | July 2, 2023 | 1971 characters

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The Chopper Ride is a nonstop action map starring a brush helicopter and a donut of desert around a mountain full of respawning HECU. If that sounds awesome to you, you're in for a treat.

I think the Chopper Ride is truly made for people who like Michael Bay movies and want to play that feeling. Grab a bunch of weapons, ride around on an invincible helicopter raining hell down on, uh, enemy combatants forever. One part of the desert donut has a respawning apache so your helicopter can fight another helicopter like a mirror fight. There's not very much to it, outside of the handful of weapons (underbarrel grenades for a free M16, RPG, Crossbow, Shotgun, Uzi, and satchel charges).

There is also a teleporter from the spawn platform to an adjacent platform with friendly Barneys and a button which spawns a garg on the ground level beneath where the helicopter flies. This mostly acts as a distraction for the military NPCs.

I think the map looks a little plain. The sun-bleached desert is devoid of personality, and serves a simple purpose. It certainly doesn't look very good- all effort has gone into the helicopter. It is, however, all very functional.

AFAIK if you stop the helicopter high above the ground and then jump out, it is unretrievable.

If what I described sounds good to you, give it a go!


  • Lots of helicopter-riding-players vs military, as one would hope
  • Love the RPG, M16 underbarrel grenades, and satchel charges
  • The apache and garg are good touches


  • Breakable, so beware of trolls
  • Gets old quickly
  • Despite the selection, there still felt like there was room for more weapons to complete the power fantasy angle
  • Pretty ugly
Score: 5.9 / 10
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