Map Review of chubby-mess

by GrandmasterJ | July 23, 2023 | 1148 characters

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The map starts on a lengthy and cute cutscene where we see scientists messing around with chumtoads. One thing leads to another and we are forced to flee to the other end of the map where we find weapons and armor. We get another quick cutscene before running through a rain of giant chumtoads, it is indeed a Chubby Mess.

The goal of the map is to run back to spawn and then kill the biggest chumtoad, which takes exactly all our explosives so that worked out well. It's short, sweet and incredibly cute and endearing. It lasted around 5 minutes total, real fun short map to play with a friend.


  • cutscenes were well done and very cute
  • we get an incredible arsenal
  • fun chumtoad rain run and gun action
  • short, sweet, simple and endearing


  • the cutscene may have been a bit lengthy
  • may be a little too easy and over too quick for two players
Score: 8.5 / 10
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