Map Review of chubby-mess

by dunkelschwamm | July 23, 2023 | 1884 characters

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Chubby Mess is a real short map that certainly had a vision. There's an opening cutscene that very naturally (if a little drawn-out) explains the situation: science did what science shouldn't, mixing big and many and chumtoads. The result is a chubby mess.

There are three phases to the map: first run from masses of snarks (chubbies) spawning in huge casecading numbers, then run back the way you came to destroy the mother chubby with explosives. The third part comes before both: the aforementioned very long cutscene.

When the map starts, players have only the medkit. After the initial flight, players are given a bunch of things, like an M16 with underbarrel grenades, a shotgun, and an RPG. This makes cleaning up the rest of the map pretty easy over all, but thrilling and a spectacle nonetheless.

Overall, give Chubby Mess a go. It takes like no time at all, has a funny cutscene, and has more chubbies your eyeballs can fathom.


  • The intro cutscene does a great job of explaining how the problem happened. It's clever and cute
  • The chubby spawners are really effective, and a spectacle to behold
  • It feels great to get armed after initially running from the chaos
  • The cutscene-chase-retaliate formulate isn't taken advantage of often in Sven Co-op. It's used to great effect here
  • Map looks decent


  • Chubby mother looks pretty bad
  • While visually exciting, defeating the chubby mess is a pretty simple matter overall
  • The cutscene does go on long after I was like "Yeah I get it." This is owed mostly to how stiff scientists are with their blocking and business.
Score: 7.9 / 10
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