Map Review of g-man

Map review of G-man

by dunkelschwamm | July 27, 2023 | 1935 characters

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G-Man is a map that exists without much purpose other than entropy. One of those maps that doesn't really end- it just becomes empty except for the players which dance ineffectively on its corpse.

The visuals are that of a desert valley perfectly contoured to lead players through a linear combat path: first flanked on either sides on the opposite end of a tunnel by HECU grunts; then in a dark tunnel by fassns; then outside, by turrets and even MORE fassns. The natural landscape is only minorly marred by its clunky turn-of-the-millennium compiler. Its greatest sin is being somewhat bland, and in the final area blocky. It comes across as unfinished. And, given the lack of an ending and the lack of the titular G-Man, I think it's safe to assume things are indeed unfinished.

The turrets at the end are pretty cool, though. I like how those look. Blowing them up with the supplied RPGs was fun. The weapons in general are pretty nice, but we worried early on that there wouldn't be enough ammo. Frankly, we should have been more balls-to-the-wall because our cautious approach to the assassins killed enough too much to make the RPG pickup baseline ammo insufficient.

Anyway, pretty unfinished map with pretty basic combat that gives roughly 5 minutes of fun before abruptly frittering out. If you're looking for abandoned maps to check out with a friend, it might be a nice aside. I can't see many other situations to check it out.


  • Cool turrets at the end
  • What combat is there is pretty intense thanks to a full arsenal


  • Map is unfinished
  • It's very very basic for what's there
  • Not terribly interesting to look at
Score: 3.9 / 10
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