Map Review of Fall-Guys Season 1

Map review of Fall Guys

by Chimz | September 1, 2023 | 983 characters

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I played Season 1 with a bunch of friends.

Pretty fun map. It puts you in minigames from Fall Guys that have been adapted to Sven. While in Fall Guys your character is clumsy and easily falls, in Sven you have a lot of control over your movement so the adaptation was actually required and is implemented well, so you will still face a challenge.

The only thing I find lacking (or if I wasn't able to find in 2 sessions) was a selection menu to select which map we want to play, instead of it being random and each map being removed from the pool after 1 win.

Definitely recommend this.


  • Does not requires you to know special movement like air-strafing but it helps.
  • Variety of minigames that change up the flow.


  • Minigame selection is random.
Score: 9 / 10

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