Map Review of Square Run

Map review of Square Run

by Chimz | September 1, 2023 | 2201 characters

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Played this with a few friends who are not accustomed to the unique movements of Sven, like its ladder controls and air-strafing.

Except for the end part of the map, it was quire an enjoyable experience.
The map is essentially a big platforming challenge with checkpoints. The platforms are made up of colored squares with each color having special properties. So while blue is normal, purple moves, red kills, grey is fake (you fall through it) etc. and these are all explained at the start of the map so no frustrating trial and error is needed.

The challenges are good, being challenging while not artificially hard. Both experienced players and new players (movement-wise) were able to get most of it done.

The Bad
With all its good, there were some parts which were so hard that only a select group of players could pass which kinda blocked players until others could reach the next checkpoint.

The find part used invisible walls to confine movement which was pretty bad. You'd need to jump in a very specific way while an invisible ceiling was above you with no indication. So you would spend a minute trying to get to that location only to die to something you could not see and would have to retry at least 2-3 times to get a real sense what the barrier is and how to pass it. Even after learning how to it was quite hard.

How the red platforms (which would kill you when touched) felt to work randomly. Some red platforms you could jump over while others seemed to kill if you jumped over them. Maybe I'm being wrong but that's how they felt over the numerous times I jumped over them.

Overall a fun challenging map that you could still use gravity commands to pass if you get stuck at.


  • Challenging obstacles
  • Has checkpoints
  • Players of low skill can still enjoy most of it


  • Some parts have a high skill requirement
  • Each Red Square behaves differently
  • The final part uses invisible walls to limit movement and is not visible to the player
Score: 7.5 / 10

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