Map Review of sveney-christmas

by dunkelschwamm | December 17, 2023 | 1995 characters

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For a map made in two hours, this is a pretty complete idea. Players take grenades, fly around on a
sleigh with train controls, and chuck the nades into 8 chimneys to complete the sequence. Each
chimney is fairly easy to hit if you pull the sleigh up nice and close and take a couple throws to
adjust aim. If you miss a bunch, don't worry, you can just fly your sleigh back to the cloud where
you picked up your grenades.

The map has an effective aesthetic. The sleigh looks good, the cloud platform is perfectly
functional, I think the street lamps on the cloud highlighting the grenade tables is a nice touch, and
there's even some silly voice acting to complete the experience. The town looks fine, and I think it's
helpful enough that the chimneys are lit red until you've thrown a grenade in one.

There really isn't much else to say. Once you nade each chimney, the map simply ends. I think it
would have been nice if players got score for hitting a chimney, so there could be a little bit of
competition between the bomb droppers, but this works just fine as a chill map. We completed it in
hardly 5 minutes.

Ho ho ho, if you want something short and sweet and Christmassy, give Sveney Christmas a go.


  • Good, appropriate aesthetic
  • A decently fun grenade minigame
  • The sleigh is a ton of fun
  • I liked the cloud you start on, very charming
  • There was voice acting!


  • If you run out of grenades, it's a bit of a trek to drive the sleigh back to the cloud for pickups
  • The minigame was maybe a tad too easy, and very short
  • There's very little consequence or a point beyond lazily throwing grenades into chimneys, which makes the map feel a tad dull and forgettable
Score: 6.7 / 10
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