Map Review of afraid-of-monsters:director-s-cut

by GrandmasterJ | November 27, 2021 | 2034 characters

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This is probably the best Sven co-op map series I've played to date. I never played the original mod so I can't comment on how faithful it is to the original, but its amazing. The hub level is really nice, the fact that there are multiple versions of maps for difficulty level is really nice, I like the cutscenes, the story, and the level design.

The story was very well presented. Some maps have stories stuck in their MotDs (looking at you RNG) but thats a exposition dump that nobody reads. Afraid of Monsters has cutscenes and a story that I was thinking about throughout the maps and I predicted the ending. I think my biggest problem with the map series is ending four. I was playing with a friend who really wanted me to see ending four and we were trying for a couple hours to get into ending four. The map description says we can access ending four from the hub, but in the original mod that wasn't the case, plus the hints are 'how did you solve this puzzle originally?' Eventually we gave up.

There were several parts where we got lost. The hospital had some doors and keys that got unlocked and we had a real hard time figuring out where the door we just unlocked was located. This is a recurring problem in the series.

Overall this is a shining example of how good Sven maps can be. Any problems I have are overshadowed by how good everything else is. This is one of the few map series that I look forward to replaying anytime.


  • Lovely level design, hub level is especially nice
  • lots of content, different maps for different difficulties
  • coherent story complete with cutscenes and logical conclusion
  • new models


  • Accessing ending four is beyond me
  • backtracking, especially bad on the first level
Score: 9.5 / 10
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