Map Review of civil-defence

by GrandmasterJ | January 7, 2024 | 1491 characters

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Players fight their way out of an high rise, onto the streets, through some sewers, then back onto the streets. It's soldiers at first but then suddenly aliens start to appear. Progressing in the map is rewarded with enemies spawning in already cleared out areas, so respawning is fun.

Combat sections typically consist of arenas or hallways that enemies can flood into. They don't have crazy high amounts of health and we can generally gun them down pretty fast, but when we have to fight male assassins with snipers and M16s with grenades it gets tricky. There is HEV scattered around the map, along with other supplies and that helps keep the action moving forward.

This map would definitely have been a quick map if it hadn't been for the respawning enemies, refilling the entire map everytime we hit a trigger. I'm trying to think of a defining feature of this map and I think that is it, the enemies respawn a lot. The combat was decent, we did get enough supplies to hold our own and didn't get lost. The visuals were nothing spectacular.


  • the map had good supply points
  • we didn't get lost
  • the map wasn't boring


  • respawning without HEV and having to fight an army
Score: 6 / 10
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