Map Review of ck-osprey

Map review of Ck Osprey

by GrandmasterJ | January 7, 2024 | 1866 characters

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This is a fairly simple horde map, players get a little fortress with plenty of supplies and a big drivable Osprey we can use to fly over a battlefield of infinite human grunts. There is a sentry gun that overlooks spawn and it will absolutely shoot players the moment they appear, but there's only one and it had a reasonable amount of health. Underbarrel grenades with M16s, crossbows, grenades, and an mp5 lay on the ground to help players kill the grunts. I much prefer the crossbow. There was also a turret on top of a tower but I didn't interact with it much.

The real stars of this map are the func_vehicles, the osprey is great and didn't even kill any players. There is also a jeep we can drive right out the front door, I drove it out and then backed it up with the intent to go back to ride the osprey, but I went too far and the jeep went through a closed door which crushed my puny body. Then the jeep was just driving backwards for a good long while which was pretty funny. There appears to be no way to open the back gate for the jeep, so it will just always clip through.

It's a nice simple sandbox horde map. It puts us at a great tactical advantage against the respawning soldiers with the osprey. The arsenal was fun enough and I especially appreciate the HEV chargers. It's simple and fun horde map.


  • Really fun osprey
  • good supplies, especially the armor
  • the soldiers were fun to kill, especially with the crossbow


  • the turret shooting players on map start is a big annoyance
  • can't open the door for the jeep, so it just clips through
Score: 6 / 10
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