Map Review of ck-osprey

Map review of Ck Osprey

by dunkelschwamm | January 7, 2024 | 2753 characters

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CK Osprey is a horde map wherein you face many respawning HECU grunts in a desert arena segmented by big rock formations. Players spawn in a partitioned helipad in the corner of the map, where they can drive and ride an osprey over the desert arena. Alternatively, players can enter a garage to drive a truck around to attack from. Alternatively alternatively, players can climb up onto overlooking towers to fire down on the respawning enemies. This continues endlessly until either the map's time runs out or somebody votemaps.

This mostly works out, especially thanks to the arsenal players are granted in spawn, and mostly because of the chill ride in the osprey granting players great vantage points to snipe HECU. The truck is a little less convenient, as it tends to end its route trying to return to the garage, killing the driver when the truck phases through the unopened garage door. Players can also run around the battlefield, though HECU respawn so quickly attempting a fair fight will lead rapidly to fatigue.

One element that spurred both joy and chagrin was tripod turrets established among the mountains. I enjoyed sniping these from the osprey with the crossbow as part of the map's challenge. I far less enjoyed the tripod looking in on the spawn area, paired with players spawning without weapons and needing to pick them up while under fire before the map could begin proper. This was some truly careless design here.

One last thing of note is that there's a great big machinegun tower that you can only really reach by either climbing the brushwork or leaping from the osprey. The giant machinegun is impossible to see through and fires a pretty steady stream of bullets, which makes it really hard to use in any meaningful way against the hordes of respawning HECU. Felt like a massive disappointment when I set to it.

All in all, CK Osprey is an alright horde map, with mostly a bunch of busted features. I'd recommend it if that's the type of thing you're into, because at least the osprey itself is good fun.


  • The osprey is fun to ride!
  • Great map for sniping soldiers and turrets from afar with crossbows
  • Lots of nice vantage points
  • Nice resupply in the spawn area


  • The truck and mounted machinegun didn't work too good
  • Enemy tripod turret in spawn sucked
  • HECU respawn so quickly that sometimes it might as well be fighting the same immortal enemy standing in place
  • Didn't hold my attention for terribly long
Score: 5.4 / 10
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