Map Review of 1-6

Map review of 1-6

by dunkelschwamm | November 27, 2021 | 1625 characters

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1-6 is a series of short, paint-by-numbers interconnected arenas for battling crowds of Sven-Coop's diverse cast of monsters using the equally diverse arsenal to great effect. The brushwork is of inconsistent (if not for being consistently uninspired) quality throughout, though it is hard to say that it ever nosedives into the realm of being of shoddy construction. The map does little to regulate pacing and lets the player approach room after room of angry monsters or grunts with fun weapons to get the job done. I had a lot of fun with it, but I owe a lot of that to it simply being a lot of fun to team up on Gargantuas with a friend using Egon guns.

One aspect of note is that the level progression is fairly thoughtless, especially in regards to the elevators. If you play this map you will know the elevators. They are slow, finicky to activate, and tend to leave players behind. To make matters worse, they're often placed at the endings of maps, which makes coordinating people getting on and off the elevator pointless.


  • Fun, over-the-top action throughout
  • Lots of varied battles
  • Fast and simple
  • Lots of ammo and empowerment to the player


  • While simplicity is nice, much of the map is very basic, uninspired, and forgettable.
  • The elevators are slow, really break up gameflow, and are mostly unnecessary.
Score: 6.5 / 10

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