Map Review of swars-installation

by dunkelschwamm | November 27, 2021 | 2198 characters

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When I think of what I'd like from a Star Wars themed map, I think this is a great proof-of-concept of that: A powerful laser weapon, fighting Storm Troopers in large, brutalist imperial architecture. Throughout, these maps demonstrate some very interesting Star Wars themed brushwork and effects. The models, textures, and sounds are also very evocative of the classic Star Wars aesthetic. On top of all of that, the map is not too long so it doesn't overstay its welcome.

The levels mostly consist of gunfights with the Storm Troopers (X-Shocktroopers) using a blaster (Gauss Gun) in environments that Star Wars was uniquely able to conjure to the imagination before the prequels rebranded much of it with sleeker, less dilapidated environments. The first of the two maps in the set unfortunately largely revolves around a maze-like area that takes up navigation time with very little in the way of interesting environment or gameplay. There are some ship dock areas which are especially impressive. The second of the two maps has some really fun outdoor environments that really sell the sci-fi atmosphere in a subdued, grounded way. There's also quite a few objectives which require blowing up technology, which is often a favorite of mine.

Overall, I would say this set is a must for science-fantasy and especially Star Wars fans. I think most servers would benefit from including this in their rotation for some quick fun franchise themed gameplay.


  • Well rendered Star Wars environments and models.
  • Fun, fast, and often satisfying gunplay.
  • Thoroughly cohesive in atmosphere and tone.
  • Simple but unique release among other Sven mapsets.


  • The wall-mounted turret enemies aren't fun or interesting to fight.
  • The maze-y architecture in the first map is a real drag.
  • Some battles make it unclear how to proceed or if Storm Troopers will simply endlessly respawn into combat.
Score: 8 / 10
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