Map Review of swars-installation

by GrandmasterJ | November 28, 2021 | 2153 characters

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I really want to like this map series, it looks amazing but has many technical issues that bogged down my experience.

Every map looks great. The architecture is really nice looking and looks just like an Imperial installation, there were some parts where I could believe I was in/on the Death Star. The enemies are reskinned to be stormtrooper and the gauss cannon was a blaster. It felt like Star Wars Dark Forces.

But what bogged the game down was a questionable choice to include a maze in the first level, that did not start the game off on the right foot. Then I got trapped in unusual mounted turret geometry right before enemies started running at me in waves. There was also a room with infinitely spawning enemies that we had to run through to the next part and we would take quite a few hits doing it. The biggest problem was that the maps don't load into each other when you are done. We played sc_swars_installation and afterwards found ourselves in the the campaign hub. We had to changelevel to the next map manually.

The map is also really difficult. This is Sven so dying isn't a big deal, but two shots will mess you up and no matter how close the spawn is to the action, walking to the front so often is not fun.

Overall, I think I liked it. Its hard to tell. I am really endeared to the level design, I love the effort put into it and I totally buy that we are in an Imperial installation. But certain level design choices spoil the mood.


  • Great aesthetic, fantastic looking map
  • custom models, nice looking storm troopers and blasters
  • fun sound effects
  • I already said how good the map looks, but the player's ship deserves a special mention


  • Early maze is a mood killer
  • respawning enemies at a certain point is a mood killer
  • the next map in the series doesn't automatically load, needs manual map changing
Score: 7.5 / 10
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