Map Review of toon-run

Map review of Toon Run

by Monkey-Knuckles | January 1, 2006 | 5017 characters

The first time I played Toonrun I thought it was a joke. After playing it through a few times, I began to appreciate how brilliant it was. There is no other map like it and it is in a class by itself. It's like someone who stayed up all night playing Sven Co-op and had a pepperoni pizza before crashing on the couch. He had this weird toon-dream and had the presence of mind to write down the dream and later create these maps.

The maps are mostly walk-through, with some ability to explore side areas. Toon Run takes place in a sort of cartoon-like Mario Land environment.

According to the author, you start out in the domain of The-Sweaty-Evil-Giant-Mega-Monster-Boss-from Outer Space called the "Mother Spleen".

You happen to be a member of the local "Marvel Super-Heros Club", so you and your friends volunteer for a suicide mission to save the world by ridding it of the Mother Spleen, and of course to "get away from your wives".


You begin in a room where you have to get onto a giant mechanical hand and be flap-jacked through an opening in the ceiling. You move down a tunnel that leads you to a courtyard where you face some zombies, turrets, and other enemies. This is where you first encounter the alpha squad, little hooded guys with colored robes. They sort of look like the Star Wars jawas gone to toonland. These little dudes seem to be harder to kill than your usual enemies. Those robes must have armour sewn into them.

The author has names for them such as General Momsen, Commander Norton, Major Molotov, etc.. Sometimes they are just referred to as the Alpha, Bravo, or Delta squad . In the courtyard you also have to take out a Momma Garg and a Baby Garg. Upon leaving the courtyard, you enter a building where you have to go over a giant keyboard and then throught the moving legs of two 30 foot wooden soldiers. Most of the time about half of your friends get stomped by the giant legs. Once you pass the legs you go up to a balcony and take care of some more delta squad dudes.

There's a giant mouse trap up here that can be hilarious when you accidently (or stupidly) set it off and have your spinal cord snapped.

You next arrive at an outdoor theater where you and your superhero buddies take care of some alien slaves. Then its down the chiminey to the "Farm". You must use some of the props here to open up the gate to the Farm. Then you must deal with a Garg and get by a bunch of assorted aliens across a moat to be able to enter another building.


You swim up through a slime tunnel to an outdoor beer garden. You have to fight off some of the little dudes named "Soldiers not on Holiday" and another one called Private Doofy. They and you are being attacked by an Evil Alien (Voltigore).

While fighting them, if you feel weak, grab one of the beers laying around - real refreshing (and healthy). Next we go to the bar.

The bar's filled with Alien Slaves and Alien Grunts who want you for an appetizer to go with their drinks. Also in the bar is Chubby. Chubby looks like a giant toad from outer space, about the size of a rabbit. Chubby has 6000 health and unless you know where the key is, you must interact with him to find the key to get you moving on.

Once you've used the key, its on to the boat, where you go down to an area where Alien Slaves and Alien Grunts are popping out of a mini-volcano. You take care of them then jump down a hole to an area that leads to three platforms that can be raised by cranking them up.

This is where your friends can help you get up to the top so you can throw grenades down the jaws of three gaping mouthed machines.


You come up out of a hole into an area where you are being shot from below by some evil Barneys. You must take care of the Barneys then turn the wheel to go further. However, in order to turn the wheel you must first shut down the fiendish killing machine, which is sort of an assembly line blender for poor inocent scientists. Once your team has shut down the Evil Killing Machine you can turn the wheel and proceed to a cavern with some rooms. One room has a timid scientist, he wants you to save him from a fishbowl with a leech in it. Another room has another evil looking spider protected by constantly spawning Alien Grunts. There are six different grates you must enter to shut down power to the evil empire. Once the power is down the world has been saved and you can all go home to your wives.

As I indicated in the beginning of this article, this is a great map. It has tons of personality, and inventivness. Not much to improve here. Hope this author does some more maps.



Score: 9.6 / 10
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