Map Review of halloween-cemetery

by GrandmasterJ | November 28, 2021 | 2818 characters

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This map was promising at first, and then got worse and worse as time went on.

The main problem with this map is the respawning enemies. The zombies use the Afraid of Monsters skins so they are very fast. They also have too much health. At first this was somewhat bearable, my teammate and I were progressing through the map simply by running by them. But then we unlocked what seems to be the last boss and suddenly we weren't spawning in our usual spawn point. We were spawning all over the map. The map was filled with high health ultra fast zombies and we had pistols. This amounts to the opposite of a checkpoint. We spawned farther away, with enemies next to us, and unsuitable weapons. That pretty much spelled the end of the map for us. It was almost impossible to reach the final boss room, and the final boss was a gonome so it ate our bodies when we failed to kill it. We were never going to beat it.

I really like Afraid of Monsters but I'm getting tired of seeing that AoM's enemies infinitely respawning in mazes. I'm just really over it.

Getting better weapons was a complete chore. The shotgun is found in the tomb area but there are five respawning zombies there and you have a pistol, going over there is not worth it. Then new weapons appear in the house which is helpful for a very short amount of time until the final area is open, there are guns at the final area but now you spawn at random parts right next to enemies and possibly by a good gun or far from a good gun. It's really awful.

The map is not a maze, but it resembles a maze pretty well. The hedges, railings, and fountain are all low enough to jump over but have invisible walls preventing the player from doing so. This makes an open air courtyard feel claustrophobic in an annoying way, not a spooky way.

The upside to the map is Good Guy, a cute and helpful friendly gonome, and some pretty cool map design. I enjoyed the locked door ghost textures and the house and some spooky rooms. I used to like how spawn was set up until it changed near the end. I didn't finish the map, so that's really all the good I have to say about it.


  • Spooky map design
  • Good Guy :) is fun


  • Infinitely respawning enemies
  • can't jump over a lot of things that would be very easy to jump over
  • It is hard to access new weapons
  • The spawn gets moved at the end to absolutely terrible areas, next to infinitely spawning enemies
  • The final boss fight traps you in a small room with a gonome who recharges health on player corpses
Score: 3 / 10
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