Map Review of halloween-construction

by dunkelschwamm | November 28, 2021 | 2628 characters

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Halloween Construction is a map which accomplishes a fantastic sense of mystery right away, and I think it rides that feeling until it's all used up and knows exactly when to cut and run.

The map follows a loop of using co-op tandem button pushing to open new areas, exploring the new areas to find fantastic additions to the arsenal, and then being swarmed by unsettling foes. There are some segments early on in particular where the players face multiple gonomes in a pitch-black underground tunnel, each charging down the tunnel at a retreating player as their flashlight bounces from monster to monster, each in a chaotic sprint. It's tense, not frustratingly hard, and really gets you on the edge of your seat.

As the map progresses there's some odd ways that it unfolds. For one thing, an early development through the mission is that enemies begin respawning around the player spawn area. This is a frankly unnecessary annoyance that adds little other than inertia for players jumping back into the action. However, this is quickly mitigated when the spawn area later shifts to another, safer location. The better weapons are always within reach, but just enough out of the way to take some time.

There was also this little platforming bit at the end which was a bit silly but very manageable and nothing to complain about. What was funny though was that there are boards on the ground after the platforming bit, which when interacted with cause a micro-cutscene where the platforming section is amended with boards so other players can easily come through. I think this is a great idea, but the way it is executed does not make very clear that the boards are interactable, so this very high-effort execution of a quality-of-life feature could easily be overlooked.

The end of the map takes place in a memorable arena with some impressive scale and quick, simple, and somewhat flaccid battle against Tor that I won't complain about.


  • Good theming and atmosphere with a potent mystery vibe
  • Enemies feel really well balanced for tense but survivable encounters
  • Manages to consistently introduce new ideas for a good, short amount of time before it ends
  • Final boss arena was really cool


  • Confusing bit where it started respawning enemies in the spawnzone
  • Final boss himself was a bit flaccid
Score: 7.6 / 10
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