Map Review of 28-corp

Map review of 28 Corp.

by GrandmasterJ | November 28, 2021 | 2223 characters

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I don't much care for enemies in the player spawn. This map has enemies spawn in very large quantities right outside player spawn. At first I thought they were endless and I was completely over this map and wanted something new. But after some desperate struggling my teammate and I managed to kill them all. Spawn was safe after that but I came real close to cutting my losses and trying something new.

This map has ugly architecture and some horrendous looking cars in the front courtyard. There are some points that look ok, like the second floor office had believable looking vending machines. But from start to finish it had just terrible proportions for everything. There is this fat door near the end that is just ridiculous.

Enemies are haphazardly placed in hordes. We died may times on this map. There is an Apache fight at one point that was immune to bullets so we had to use up our rockets and the egon gun. But there wasn't any ammo for those weapons so in order to keep fighting we had to resort to suicide. That fight was a slog because of this.

There is an elevator in this map and it is terrible.

To end the map you have to destroy a bunch of mainframes. My teammate threw a satchel charge between them and it wasn't enough to destroy them so we thought we had missed something. After searching for a while I came back a little miffed and started hitting the mainframe with my crowbar. After a very long time it exploded and we won the game. That mainframe has too much health, it took so long to destroy we thought we had missed something.


  • Straightforward
  • lots of action


  • Enemies invade spawn immediately on map start
  • I hope you like dying when you spawn a lot because that is the first part of the map
  • Map looks very ugly
  • No explosive ammo to fight Apache, suicide is mandatory for more ammo
  • The elevator should be taken out behind the shed and shot
  • Mainframe at the end has too much health
Score: 1 / 10
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