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These maps need more download mirrors. Specifically for files over 200 MB (our filesize limit at SCMapDB), we rely entirely on external sites for hosting. There is always the risk of websites disappearing, so it is important that any files that cannot be uploaded to SCMapDB have at least 2 independent external download links.

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3 / 5

2023 co-oprequired defense difficulty:hard horde large-dl losable needs-dl scary size:large walkthrough zombies


1.8 / 5

2020 co-oprequired cof-weapons community-edit defense difficulty:hard horde large-dl losable needs-dl outdated scary size:large walkthrough zombies


1.2 / 5

2021 2022 2023 egypt missing-models missing-textures needs-dl needs-fixing no-end non-linear remake/remade rubbish series size:large walkthrough war

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