Soon to have every .wad file ever made, in a well organized Half-Life texture database.

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17th Texture Pack by Killabeez THC


Interior textures, multiple materials, posers and paintings included.

Contains 48 textures.

Arbor Arch by unDuLe


Full of wood, rock and other "natural" sundries, arbor is my second texture pack - -and some of the work isn't as good as could be … however, there is some really handy surface in there and I hope they are put to good use. This is another pack I want to follow up on, as a kind of grudge match.

Contains 80 textures.

Assault by N/A


Exterior textures with snow, dirt and rock. Also some wooden interior textures.

Contains 66 textures.

Asylum by Dethtex


Asylum textures, suitable for a decaying building.

Contains 84 textures.

Asylum Light by N/A


Similar to Asylum texture pack, some textures are the same in both packs.

Contains 59 textures.

aurora_city by aurora


Textures that are, unless stated otherwise, made by me. Figured they would see better use here than rotting away on my HD.



Contains 282 textures.

Blaze Snow by N/A


Snowy Village textures. Brick, wood, stumps.

Contains 40 textures.

BlueCelti Industrial by Evile Dick


Industrial textures with a blue theme.

Contains 79 textures.

BlueCelti Industrial Upgrade by Evile Dick


Additional textures to go with BlueCelti Industrial.

Contains 35 textures.

Bstretz by Angelheart


A variety of urban textures.

Contains 87 textures.

Building by Evile Dick


This wad contains a number of real life textures:- grasses, hedges, barks, and building themed textures for Half-Life.

Contains 101 textures.

Cars by N/A


A lot of car textures. Multiple Colors and models.

Contains 73 textures.

Casarosada by Vada


Marble buildings, fancy interiors + painings.

Contains 69 textures.



A huge pack of textures, containing everything from liquids, to lights, doors, concrete, walls, signs, glass, wood, xen, etc.

Contains 173 textures.

Celtic by Evile Dick


This wad contains a number of different Celtic themed textures for Half-Life.

Contains 33 textures.

Celtic Shrine by Crista Forest


A Celtic shrine, which incorporates snow, wood, stone, and more.

Contains 43 textures.

Chronic by MasterPlan


City themed texture pack.

Contains 83 textures.

Church by Evile Dick


Church textures. St_paul_1_a and St_paul_1_b are the upper and lower halves of the same window, as are St_paul_2_a and St_paul_2_b.

Contains 37 textures.

Convulsion by Joseph Stalin


Contains rock floors and walls suitable for use with outdoor environments, as well as lights, boxes, crates, and metal barrels.

Contains 75 textures.

Coriolis Storm by Lunaran


Outdoor textures and details.

Contains 45 textures.

Country by N/A


Country-oriented textures with trees from cs_country cs map.

Contains 40 textures.

CStrike1 by N/A


A huge selection of interior and exterior textures.

Contains 149 textures.

Davo1 by David Ottvall


Custom Quake-style textures.

Contains 95 textures.

Deep6 by Relic25


Lots of water textures, along with some miscellaneous interior stuff, lights, signs, etc.

Contains 109 textures.

desnow by Cid


Snowy textures!

Contains 19 textures.

detail_arch by unDuLe


Detail textures of all sorts.

Contains 14 textures.

dethtex_ctf by Dethtex


Metal floors and walls, in colored themes.

Contains 75 textures.

dethtex_quakerally by Dethtex


Some cool outdoors, streets, and sign textures.

Contains 24 textures.

dethtex_spacemadness by Dethtex


Metal walls, floors, lights, and trim.

Contains 78 textures.

Developer Textures by JPolito


Modeled off of Valve's Source dev textures. There are textures for various liquids, lots of doors, railings, and square grid/gridless textures sized 64, 128, 192, 256, and 512.

These textures are useful in a variety of situations:
- Building rooms without having to texture them before you can add any gameplay elements
- Great for when you have an idea for how you want to shape a room but don't know how you want to texture it yet
- Useful if you're trying to move brushwork in a room around to better fit your gameplay elements. For example, if you find out that a section of your map is too small to fit the epic battle you originally planned, it's a lot easier to re-size the room without having to mess around with the textures. Once the gameplay is working the way you want it to, you replace the dev textures with whatever you want.

If you have any suggestions to make this texture pack more useful, contact JPolito and he will add them.

Contains 100 textures.

dewood by Cid


All sorts of wood panels.

Contains 10 textures.

Doom by id Software


Textures from id Software's Doom (1993) and Doom II: Hell on Earth (1994).

Contains 673 textures.



Doom themed textures and such.

Contains 387 textures.

dt_nyc_firstbatch by Dethtex


City textures.

Contains 28 textures.

Dusky Woods by BryBread


A few textures from the "sunnywoods" WAD edited to fit autumn.

Contains 17 textures.

Egyptian sampler by N/A


An assortment of Egyptian textures.

Contains 22 textures.

Evile Misc 1 by Evile Dick


A collection of miscellaneous textures, including grass, water, trees, camouflage, stone, shingles, walls, patterns, and more.

Contains 43 textures.

Full Quality Woods by Amir Mohammad


Here I collected some really goo qualitys Woods Tecute For you to use them on you maps …!

Contains 6 textures.

GEM Tile by RAK Ceramics


The GEM tile range is an indoor porcelain tile manufactured in the UAE by RAK Ceramics.

The tile texture fitted quite well with a clean area of a map that amckern was making, and he approached RAK for copyright release.

This texture set is ONLY for use in SvenCoop.

Contains 9 textures.

GreenCelti Industrial by Evile Dick


Industrial textures with a green theme.

Contains 79 textures.

GSI by Evile Dick


This wad contains a series of hi-tech wall textures suitable for use in a sci fi themed map. 5 colorways are supplied, plain and TFC matching colors.

Contains 108 textures.

HH3 Clockwork by Rorshach


A different style, used extensively in the map Clockwork.

Contains 89 textures.

HH3 Lights by Rorshach


Lights, in a similar style as HH3 Clockwork.

Contains 54 textures.

Household Textures by Evile Dick


This wad contains a number of different domestic textures textures for Half-Life.

Contains 21 textures.

HQ3 by muddasheep


half-quake 3 sunrise

Contains 666 textures.

Japan17 by Oma


Japan Style textures, nature textures included.

Contains 34 textures.

Jodi256 by wwwwwwwww.jodi.org / GreenGreens


Corrupted file images from http://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org/
Ripped and converted by GreenGreens.
Original source engine textures: http://css.gamebanana.com/textures/1736

You're probably going to want to repack these with only the ones you want because I can't see anyone downloading 41mb of this garbage.

Contains 480 textures.

Jump by unDuLe


Jump pads.

Contains 31 textures.

Knox by N/A


Fort textures, rich interior, a lot of materials.

Contains 47 textures.

Kpur by N/A


A mix of stone textures, tiles, brick, signs, water, etc.

Contains 220 textures.

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