Easy Craters

Easy Craters

Submitted by: hydephhydeph on 15 Aug 2010 02:07
Last updated by: cold_blood3dcold_blood3d on 29 May 2020 22:28


by hydeph


a simple square, when cut into a couple triangles will become our crater


this is a bit more complex crater, but still relatively simple


this is the square crater again, with some vertex manipulation to make it seem more random and natural. select the entire crater, go to vertex manipulation mode, then drag and select all the vertices you'd like to move, i'd start with one vertex at a time, instead of a whole bunch. then just slowly disfigure the neat square into a silly bunch of weird triangles, and make sure it all lines up well in the 3d view.


this is the slightly complex crater, with vertex manipulation methods applied.


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