Texture packs containing Trim.

Arbor Arch by unDuLe


Full of wood, rock and other "natural" sundries, arbor is my second texture pack - -and some of the work isn't as good as could be … however, there is some really handy surface in there and I hope they are put to good use. This is another pack I want to follow up on, as a kind of grudge match.

Contains 80 textures.

Asylum by Dethtex


Asylum textures, suitable for a decaying building.

Contains 84 textures.

BlueCelti Industrial by Evile Dick


Industrial textures with a blue theme.

Contains 79 textures.

Celtic by Evile Dick


This wad contains a number of different Celtic themed textures for Half-Life.

Contains 33 textures.

Chronic by MasterPlan


City themed texture pack.

Contains 83 textures.

Coriolis Storm by Lunaran


Outdoor textures and details.

Contains 45 textures.

Deep6 by Relic25


Lots of water textures, along with some miscellaneous interior stuff, lights, signs, etc.

Contains 109 textures.

dethtex_ctf by Dethtex


Metal floors and walls, in colored themes.

Contains 75 textures.

dethtex_spacemadness by Dethtex


Metal walls, floors, lights, and trim.

Contains 78 textures.

Doom by id Software


Textures from id Software's Doom (1993) and Doom II: Hell on Earth (1994).

Contains 673 textures.

dt_nyc_firstbatch by Dethtex


City textures.

Contains 28 textures.

GreenCelti Industrial by Evile Dick


Industrial textures with a green theme.

Contains 79 textures.

HH3 Clockwork by Rorshach


A different style, used extensively in the map Clockwork.

Contains 89 textures.

Kpur by N/A


A mix of stone textures, tiles, brick, signs, water, etc.

Contains 220 textures.

Mansion by Crista Forest


This is an original texture art set originally created by Crista Forest for use in Unreal based level creation. It was converted to Half-Life format by Bryan Letcher.

"These textures were designed for use in an Unreal level that was based on the theme of a plantation mansion. I got the idea from a visit to Jamaica and pictures of the Rose Hall plantation there. However, my textures and level were only inspired by the mansion. They are not meant to be an accurate representation of it."

Contains 58 textures.

Meatpak by Pete Parisi


A variety of textures from Meatpaks 1 and 2.

Contains 187 textures.

NeutralCelti Industrial by Evile Dick


Industrial textures with a neutral theme.

Contains 98 textures.

Quake II by id Software


Textures from id Software's Quake II (1997).

Contains 1536 textures.

RedCelti Industrial by Evile Dick


Industrial textures with a red theme.

Contains 79 textures.

TP Egypt 3 by Sock


Egyptian lights and trim.

Contains 165 textures.

TP Egypt 4 by Sock


Egyptian style trim, blocks, tiles, etc.

Contains 270 textures.

wad:evil7:dismal-solace by evil lair


Quake 3: Arena style texture set in a gothic/metal theme.

Contains 62 textures.

wad:majestic by Randy Reddig


Textures with a dirty Star Wars bent. Designed to work with each other, and for use as basis textures.

Contains 25 textures.

wad:st-louis by Locknut


Some nice brick building textures for your city type maps.

Contains 32 textures.

YellowCelti Industrial by Evil Dick


Industrial textures with a yellow theme.

Contains 79 textures.

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